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Show us your Mongrel (QPower line swivel flagout mod)

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Show us your Mongrel (QPower line swivel flagout mod)

Postby ShaveTheWhales » Sun Nov 17, 2013 6:09 pm

Heres my Mongrel bar that works very well - made up of bits n pieces saved from other worn out stuff.

09 Eclipse bar - original grip & still goin strong, a nice large smoothed out hole
Naish smartloop kit - Long throw with figure 8 ring added for flagout and liquid force dick floater
Naish & airush sliding stopper - drilled n tied together for big bar hole
Best OSR handles
Best & Eclipse floaters - cut with kitchen knife (dont try this at home folks) :D
Lines - Q-Power pro lines, sleeved with loops

Future Mods - sew up some neopreene end covers & a better single sliding stopper :)
Ok - heres how you get Q-Powerline to work as a single centreline flagout through the centre of a swivel. In this case, I used a Liquid force swivel - it works ok as long as you wash it every time and lube it once a week.
A poor design though - if it was 2cm wider at the top it would spin awesome... Mutiny has the spin right but forgot the cut out for the line to go through the centre.. 'Oh to be a Mad Scientist designer' :naughty:

1. Sleeve one of your front lines with a loop. Make this extra long so its at least 3 inches above n below your swivel.
2. Poke it through the swivel - if the holes a little small, use a Bob the builder drill n dont leave any sharp edges !!!
3. Tie an overhand knot - if not sure just ask some kids :cool2:
4. Pull it back through..
5. Attach sleeved loop to Pink loop line - yes pink (chics will dig u more :wink2: ) down thru your bar to the chicken loop.
Clutter free and your ready to Roll :superfly:

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Re: Show us your Mongrel (QPower line swivel flagout mod)

Postby downunder » Tue Nov 19, 2013 5:00 am

Hey mate,

where did you buy LF swivel in Perth?

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Re: Show us your Mongrel (QPower line swivel flagout mod)

Postby RideLow » Tue Nov 19, 2013 10:35 am

Nice clean bar.. The only thing I think is weird is that you went for a under the bar depower solution.. Clutter magnet!

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