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Nitro 3 any early reviews??

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Nitro 3 any early reviews??

Postby Westozzy » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:30 am

Well so far I've seen some stitching and some photos of the canopy in the air.

Thanks for that, but can we start some feedback on this kite? Are they out there yet?

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Re: Nitro 3 any early reviews??

Postby jespin4845 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 3:37 pm

Looping speed? The 2 had a spongy feeling when looping, did everything else good...

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Re: Nitro 3 any early reviews??

Postby toddalbinson » Mon Dec 02, 2013 4:47 pm

From Switch Team Rider off Switch website forums

Nitro v3, probably the best kite you will own. Reviewed

As usual from Switch the build quality does not even need to be mentioned, Its great!
I have been lucky enough to have been riding the new nitro's all through the spring down here in NZ and it has to be said they are a sick Kite, I am a 84kg rider and usually ride a 136x41 board.

First impressions the nitro V3 is a good looking kite and attracts plenty of attention when laying on the back of the beach. There is a really good consistency through the sizes on the V3's they all perform the same, apart from the fact the bigger kites fly slower than the smaller ones. There are the usual safety features, the kite re-launches easily which has been a problem in the past for the nitro's but not this time, the depower is great and for me better then the Element 2. Also what Switch have managed to do is lose the slight jelly fishing that the older nitro's used to do, even in gusty conditions these kites still hold their shape nicely, the nitro has become a better all round kite due to the fact it drifts so much better back in the window making it easier to wave ride and you are able to run towards the kite when landboarding without it falling out the sky which I was doing deliberately to see how much I could push it. So for me huge improvements all round.
The wind ranges I have written are the winds that I have ridden these kites in.

8m, 35knots +
The best session I had on this kite was one of the first times I flew it and I have to say I was a little nervous as it was really windy! With some solid gust coming through, but as soon as I rode out onto the water this kite feels comfortable because it has such good depower it rides gusty conditions real well feeling smooth throughout, it has bar pressure but not overly. And as with the rest of Switch kites it trucks up wind, I also like the fact that this kite is quick but not too fast I sometimes find this with small kites that they whip around so fast you just wish they were a touch slower and smoother.

So Far the kite was feeling good so obviously time to start throwing it, Man its like nothing else, so smooth in the air really wicked boost but not an aggressive launch you just go up! And for an 8m you come down smooth as, this kite is more comfortable in the air than on the water you feel immortal. Again and again huge boosty jumps nothing going wrong kite always where you wanted it to be and never doing anything you don't expect!

After being out on this kite for couple of hours I was buzzing, I came in and some of the guys in the launch area saw the new kite and were asking questions so instead of just answering them even though it was not conditions I would usually hand over a kite, we passed it around another 5 kiter's. Everyone was jumping and coming back in beaming without fault and that was a stand out day for me the fact you can pass a brand new kite round lots of guys in strong wind conditions and everyone gets on with it straight away need I say more.

10m 23 to 28knots
Once again another spring day with lots of wind I started this session on an 11m Element V2 which I like but wouldn't ride all the time as its just not for me. Its a kite with good depower which performs well in the gusty conditions we get with our west wind. I had this for an hour or so and was actually having a good session. Then I swapped to the 10m nitro V3. The kite is a little smaller so felt abit lighter and quicker and once again as soon as you start jumping you cannot not like this kite, same as the 8m just awesome smooth launch and landing and riding the conditions really well.

12m 17 to 25knots
I have ridden this kite on the flat water and in 2 to 3ft of surf this kite feels a little bigger and is a true size 12m. It has great low end in the lighter winds. On the Flat once again the kite feels great and very similar to the other kites, it turns well and jumps awesome, probably with more hang time which you would expect for the bigger size kites once again so stable in the air.
On the beach in the waves kite performance is same but I was pleased with the fact that the kite drifts down the line so much better than the old ones which used to stall and fall out the air, it still wouldn't be close to a dedicated wave kite but just the fact that it allows you to do this with out falling out the sky or yanking you out the wave as the power comes on is much better.

16m 12 to 19knots
The 16 is a big kite and for the bigger rider and I personally wouldn't have one in my quiver as I would not need to go this big, 14m is my biggest. But hey if the kite is there I will have a go, First go was on a landboard in low wind 12knots I was surprised that I was able to run down wind towards the kite and stayed in the sky again underlining the much improved drift capability of the new v3, for a big kite on land aswell very smooth and comfortable which gives you a lot of confidence. I was able to jump easily.
On the water much of the same I am not going to go on as I just keep repeating myself.

So over all a very enjoyable kite which would be great for any rider in my opinion. And yes you may ask how do I get to ride all the new kites before they are out and that I have been asked to write a nice review. Yes I am good friends with Ralph and do hang out with the switch crew, and am very fortunate that I get to test the new kites. But if I didn't like the kites I wouldn't write a review. These are great kites and good value for money which I like! And the only way you will know for sure is to buy one, I promise you won't be disappointed.
Happy Days Matt

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Re: Nitro 3 any early reviews??

Postby ShaveTheWhales » Mon Dec 02, 2013 11:29 pm

What about the Megaloop speed / backstall for the 8m ?

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Re: Nitro 3 any early reviews??

Postby Westozzy » Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:13 am

and I would like far more detail on how the kite loads up (hint power delivery) and the type of jumper it is? Aspect driven versus C kite driven as a spectrum to discuss...

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Re: Nitro 3 any early reviews??

Postby Twitch » Sun Jan 19, 2014 1:15 am

So for those that tried it, any info now on how it is looping wise? I ordered a 10m for just boosting around but really interested if anyone tried mega loops on the v3's.

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Re: Nitro 3 any early reviews??

Postby felixp » Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:38 am

Hi Twitch,
Going for Mega loops on the Nitro 3 8m and 6m would be insane and work well.
The kite has the lift and the Pull thru the turn.
Plus the speed can be controlled by your settings on the kite or your bar.
Have on guy here in Hawaii going mental on the 8m when it gets windy.
Next windy day will T up Marc Jacobs to go do a few on a Nitro3
And capture some footage.

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