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2014 Ozone Frenzy reviews?

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2014 Ozone Frenzy reviews?

Postby metivir » Thu Dec 12, 2013 1:32 am

I have been kiting with HQ for six years and would like to update the quiver. Any honest reviews of the Ozone Frenzy? Any concerns with the low end of the wind speed required for this kite?

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Re: 2014 Ozone Frenzy reviews?

Postby Noahpz » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:08 am

While I have not flown this year's Frenzy, I have sessioned with a few friends who were flying them last week. I was on this year's Ozone Summit and they were on the 2014 Ozone Frenzy. From my perspective, the Frenzy flew great. In the lightest of winds, 8 - 10 mph, one of the the riders was flying a new Ultralite Frenzy. NO problem. I still fly my three year old 13m Ultralite in those conditions. I love how the Ultralite flies in very light air.

While I have not yet flown this year's Frenzy, I do know this: The design improvements that Ozone makes to their kites is very incremental. Their wings are so refined and they have such a history of performance that big changes are not necessary. Small improvements in design seem to be the rule.

However, one area where a big change did occur throughout Ozone's line is the Megatron chicken loop. This was fully redesigned. The flag-out safety now goes through the newly redesigned Megatron chicken loop. The leash now clips below this release. The new Megatron is now a push away design with an extraordinarily compact and positive feeling release mechanism. Reloading a released Megatron is easy even with heavy gloves. The Megatron also incorporates a swiveling barrel which allows the ride to easily untwist the flag-out safety line while riding. So if you are looping your kite one direction only, line twists are easily eliminated on-the-fly.

I hope this information helps. Where are you located? Is there any chance that you could get an on-snow demo to fly?

Windy Regards, Noah

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