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Airush Varial X 2014

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Re: Airush Varial X 2014

Postby Westozzy » Wed May 21, 2014 6:06 am

Yes I concur with your impressions iwave.

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Re: Airush Varial X 2014

Postby peet » Wed May 21, 2014 12:26 pm

I had a go on the 12m VX this weekend
I normally ride hardcore C kites, but have had plenty of experience trying lots of other kites of all shapes and sizes :)
I found it a really nice kite to boost with, I downloop as standard from a high jump and found the airtime and landing to be great for 12m weather.
Bar pressure on the medium turn setting was medium, and feedback seemed very good.
Very easy to unhook with, great pop and some slack for airpasses, kite remained where I left before I turned my back, no complaints at all in that department!
Bottom end seemed very nice, wasn't windy enough to try the top end. Relaunch - got it wet once after missing a pass, and it went back up again quickly with no issues.
Also really like the Airush bar setup, nice and light, good grip, everything within reach, and lots of adjustability options.
Didn't loop it, but a friend was getting some nice power out on some backloop kiteloops so all looks good in that department too :)

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Re: Airush Varial X 2014

Postby John-B » Wed May 21, 2014 1:48 pm

If you want to relaunch it in lightwind then with it directly downwind grab both rear lines at the end of the leaders and pull them hard to reverse launch it. I've only ever done this if the wind has really dropped e.g. to sub 10 knots - if there is enough wind to ride then it goes up everytime?

The VX is a kite that for some will take a bit of time to fully dial - most intermediate riders will get on just fine with it, but if you want to push it then you can unlock it's full potential. It's a kite that needs 'flown' and prefers people light on their feet. I'm not sure about it not being quick to react as I find it direct and responsive, but when it turns it drives thorugh it - it won't instant pinwheel turn?

I really like them... coming from a 5-line C I liked them more than I ever expected and especially the 12m which at it's upper end goes huge :thumb:

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