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Rebel 2014 9+7 or 9+6 for 70kg TT?

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Re: Rebel 2014 9+7 or 9+6 for 70kg TT?

Postby SpunMonkey » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:05 pm

First I wouldn't downsize on reports of how powerful it is... People are always saying how great their own stuff is after they spent 2grand a kite. Also. You have a six. Build from there.

My recommendation would be 8m and 11m.

With a 9m as your biggest kite, You'll be sitting on the beach watching everyone else on 11's and 12's looking for a tiny girlfriend to use you 9m as her light wind kite so you watch her and have something to do.

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Re: Rebel 2014 9+7 or 9+6 for 70kg TT?

Postby Peter_Frank » Mon Feb 17, 2014 2:34 pm

Hmm, for us riding waves, some choose to have a 5 and 6 and 7m2 (if possible).

Because these are the sizes used most of the time, and a huge size difference from 5 to 7 actually, so having a 5 and 7 as many of us do, is not that good and a huge step, if you are experienced (= spoiled) and want bullseye kites.

But that was a bit away from the question, sorry...

Would also advocate you take a 9 and 7, eventhough you ride TT.

As a 6 is really small, and you will drop like a rock, when jumping with that size.

You can NOT use your EVO 6m2 as a smaller kite to go with your new Rebel, as it will be the same size, maybe bigger, than a Rebel 7m2.
The older EVO is extremely powerful, at least one size bigger than its physical size...

Another advantage by going 9-7 for you, is if you decide you want a small kite one day in the future, you can add a 5m2 :rollgrin:
(Instead of having to sell the 6, and buy a 7 and 5 that is)

If you go 9-6 you might be able to use this as a "survival" simple quiver, true.

But if you go 9-7 you got a really good setup that feels good when changing sizes, without having an "awful" gap like a 9-6 gives everyone I know (both TT and Wave kiters), and you will even have the option to get a smaller kite later, IF you want that, or not :naughty:

My experiences from what I see happening during the years, depending on what sizes different riders (and weights) start up with, and how they end up and feel about it during these years :thumb:

If you want to keep your 6m2, it is another ballgame, and you might have to think very different, maybe just buy a 9 or 10m2 and thats it, and keep this as a two kite quiver.
Remember, the old 6m2 EVO should be compared to something around 7-8m2 IMO, talking Rebel or other typical allround medium power kites.

8) Peter

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Re: Rebel 2014 9+7 or 9+6 for 70kg TT?

Postby 1968 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 8:20 pm

Now, got myself a 6m Cult cheap, for the few super strong days. That means now:
Evo 2010 6m and my bigger Cults are for sale and im looking for 2014 Rebels in 7m and 9m!
Thanks for the advice!


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Re: Rebel 2014 9+7 or 9+6 for 70kg TT?

Postby piccio » Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:54 pm

try before buy,the 7 could be too big at 70 kg with strong winds above 25 knots. of course you can keep it with that winds ,the windrange is enormous but she will go to the window and you will run after her,not useful ,no much fun,yust big yumps.
I have 5 6 7 11 2013 78 kg surfboards. tried 7 2014 one hour wind around 23 25 and pointed attention at turning speed but is not her best like all rebels,lost some waves,wish I had 6 .
anyway she has power,much power ,you will need something smaller with strong winds.

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