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Big Final for the KTA Kite Kids

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Big Final for the KTA Kite Kids

Postby Toby » Fri Feb 28, 2014 12:40 am

KTA News:

Big Final for the KTA Kite Kids

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KTA Kite kids Boracay hosts power kiting for tribal people, freestyle coaching and race clinic training for the champions of the next generation

KTA Kite Kids organiser Kathrin Borgwardt takes a look a the final KTA Kid Kids of the season and what a week it was

KTA Kite Kids changed its format for the finale of the Kiteboard Tour Asia (KTA) on Boracay to cover as many kids and levels as possible and not only train complete beginners. After last year’s KTA Kite Kids on Boracay Boracay resident Melvyn Mabute from England continued the work and established a Kite Kids Club. It’s the first place we had so many experienced kids between 8-13 years in the water, who are actually just starting to compete and who we wanted to offer the possibility to progress with the help of KTA pro-riders.

Four days were fully packed of Kitesurfing activities for kids of all levels. We started with a freestyle clinic. 7am all kids met together with some of the pro-riders such as Robin Snuggs, Sukie Huntley Robertson, Estefania Rosa, David Jordan Robinson Shields and Kathrin Borgwardt for a Champions breakfast. It didn’t take long and the kids were on the water. We saw first raileys, grabs, transition jumps, backrolls of tiny kiters on tiny 5 and 7m kites. More experienced riders showed us S-bends and surface passes and Christian Tio could have taught the coaches with his level, which shows, how fast the kids are learning and overtaking actually.

“The kids have been training every single day and there is almost no getting them out of the water” Melvyn tells us, who is not only coaching the kids but has an open house for the kids at any time of the day. Its not only the kiting he takes care of, if there is a problem at school or with the parents, Melvyn is there for the kids and makes sure that even though the kiting is so exciting, school comes first. So now in Boracay it’s normal on a Saturday or Sunday morning to see the bay full of kid-kiters, using their weekends off from school to kite under the supervision of their coach.

The following day continued with a clinic with Atte Kappel, David Chen and Kathrin Borgwardt for the junior twin-tip racers. Flags needed to be learnt and understood, start sequences got trained and on the second day we ran 6 training races on a full course.

Third day was an amazing and different experience for us- teaching the tribal kids, the Ati (the Aborigine’s), who are fighting for their last piece of land. Amazing to see- how happy 5 foil kites can make a whole village.

Our junior competitors got off from school for the days of the competition and were excited to watch their idols and to train until it was their turn. They showed that they are learning and improving fast and 11 kids showed in the kid’s race competition and in the freestyle expression session that they are our future champions.

It was in the Twin-tip racing that the Kite Kids produced the big upset result of the event as rising competition star and kite kids racer Christian Tio beat all the adult Weekend Warriors to take an overall win in the combined fleet and this was no light wind race.

Thanks for all the support to KTA – Kiteboard Tour Asia, Cabrinha Kites, Melvyn Mabute & Rossana Magliquian Good, Robin Snuggs, Estefania Rosa, Cabrinha Kiteboarding, The HeadWare and Paula Rosales and the sponsors of the prizes for the award giving. Simone Bartmann from FunboardCcenter, Aqua Sub, Victor Ocskai from Victory Divers, Carlos Blanch from Fish Eye Divers and Martin Andersson from Boracay SUP.

More pictures HERE

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