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Kite wind chart adjustment for light riders?

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Kite wind chart adjustment for light riders?

Postby kooshball » Wed Mar 12, 2014 1:09 pm

I am new to the sport and just picked up a quiver of 2011 liquid force havoc kites in 8,10,12M. I have a copy of the wind chart for these but it does not state what rider weight or board was used in the assumptions.

I weigh 150lbs and ride a 134cm x 42 twin tip. How would i shift the wind range chart to give me an idea of what is appropriate for my weight and setup?


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Re: Kite wind chart adjustment for light riders?

Postby edt » Wed Mar 12, 2014 2:00 pm

wind charts for liquid force are based on a 175 pound rider, and it's linear so just make it 150/175 = .86 times the wind speed so if it says 10 to 20 knots you would change that to 8.6 knots up to 17.2 knots.

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Re: Kite wind chart adjustment for light riders?

Postby dyyylan » Thu Mar 13, 2014 3:34 am

the liquid force wind chart is pretty much nonsense, but anyway you dont really need to adjust it. im 135 lbs at the moment and you only get an extra knot or so of low end at the most in my opinion

the part i have the most trouble with is the high end, fat guys can easily get 6-8 more knots of top end than I can get out of the same kite

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Re: Kite wind chart adjustment for light riders?

Postby william_rx7 » Thu Mar 13, 2014 4:55 am

Weight is just 1 part of the equation, and honestly the easiest to factor in.

You'll need to figure out a kite size adjustment for 4 important factors:
- Your weight
- What your riding on. (buggy / landboard / twin tip / surf board / skis / snowboard / lunch tray / landboard / ice skates). Even if you only ride on water, there's one or two kite sizes difference in power based on a twin tip and a surf board.
- Surface conditions (snow / ice / water / waves / dirt / sand / grass)
- Air density. Your kite's power can vary up to 20% based on elevation, temperature and humidity (colder or more humid = more power)

For example, if your riding on bare ice, in 15 knots, a 1.5m kite is fine on skates.
However if your riding in deep, wet powder, a 12m might be a consideration at the same wind speed.

It's most important to note all the factors, plus your changing ability to hold larger kites down and your kite skills improve.

Finally, wind speed is never static (especially in the Great Lakes where I ride). Rig for the gusts to be safest.

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