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Carafino March 20,2014

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Re: Carafino March 20,2014

Postby BraCuru » Sat Mar 22, 2014 2:04 pm

lezo wrote:This stuff is getting more and more surreal.
What's next ?
After this:
C A R A F I N O 2014 wrote:During the 2005 Bali bombing 60% of the local builders where killed at the Club Sari
and this:
C A R A F I N O 2014 wrote:Unfortunately, I acquired Dengue Fever like symptoms the evening of the video upload.
and this:
C A R A F I N O 2014 wrote:On another sad note, Carafino lost our hydrofoil foil production manager in the missing Malaysia Airlines.
must be this:
Putin shoots down a plane with the entire Carafino 2014 supply for Europe which flew just over the Crimea. Three days later a World War III begins... Carafino factory destroyed by a nuclear attack however Carafino himself vanishes on unknown and untested foil.
This is so surreal as his posting :(

Carafino, please, show mercy, stop this Carafino saga, don't post anything else here and fulfil your promises as JR wrote:
Johnny Rotten wrote:There are a lot of people here who want you to be successful.
including me! Not joking.
Hope you're not a liar/scammer otherwise you would badly damage the foilboarding world.
Nobody wants it :idea:

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