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Mutiny P-series 8m range?

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Mutiny P-series 8m range?

Postby oshaugho » Sun Apr 13, 2014 7:21 pm

Anyone who has flow one know what the usable windrange is for an 8m P-series?

Have found a great deal on one of these with the supposedly awesome bar and thinking of pulling the trigger to replace an older 7m Fuel to use as my high wind kite.

Little backround: 97kgs/210lbs advanced kiter who mainly freerides with some basic unhooking and chucking big airs when powered. Love the feel and pull of c kites so not going back to sle's and love the safety of 5th lines.

Would this kite be suitable as a big guys high wind/storm kite? Hoping it would be usable from high 20's to 35+ and still be comfortable? Normally when we get those winds it is frontal and can be gusty.

Hope someone knows the answer to this.

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Re: Mutiny P-series 8m range?

Postby Wiski23 » Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:36 am

Mate you wanna boost? Then an 8m P is the one for you.
I have a mutiny quiver. 8m 10m 12m & 14m all P series.
Epic for boosting and nice for unhooking.
Out of my whole quiver the 8 is absolutely epic. I rode it 3 weeks ago in Auckland when a cyclone hit. It was nuking 35-50 knots and I was (at times over powered) but fully in control mostly.
I love the bar, the 5th line makes it so safe too. The depower on the mutiny is great.
I changed from Liquid force envy to the mutiny quiver & can't be happier.


Btw I'm 80kg my mate also rides mutiny he's 100kg. You'll love this kite dude

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Re: Mutiny P-series 8m range?

Postby oshaugho » Mon Apr 14, 2014 8:19 pm

Thanks for the reply mate. Thats what I was hoping to hear. Big boosting high wind kite for the bigger guy sounds good to me!

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Re: Mutiny P-series 8m range?

Postby dyyylan » Mon Apr 14, 2014 9:03 pm

Hey man I rode the p-series for about a year, 12 and 8m. 8m has really good range, at 62kg i used it from about 20 knots up to 35 knots. since it's a c-kite and a particularly fast kite you can work it quite a bit to generate more power, and it's very responsive to your board's edge so you can push it pretty far before you start to feel overpowered. boost height is unreal, it doesn't glide forever because it's a c kite, but since it *is* a c kite you can loop it super easy on landings to keep it engaged in the window

it's definitely a c kite, but it has a swept leading edge with a front line attachment point far enough forward that you can make it a little less aggressive, it's a great crossover kite if you're not used to flying a c. but it is very high performance if you want it to be

highly recommend the bar too, one of my favorites that i've used

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