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Save Florida kite spots being shut down!

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Re: Save Florida kite spots being shut down!

Postby RickI » Sun May 25, 2014 2:17 am

There have been some unstated consequences of this bill with the potential of still more. It seems regulation can be a like a disease with government at times. Once it starts, they can't seem to voluntarily stop creating more regulations. The actual usefulness and need for the regulations can be questionable ironically. As a result, mandatory USCG pfd use may be enforced in Florida and it is hard to say what else might be forced upon us in the future.

There is no need for a statewide law to address the small scale problem which has been described in Sarasota. Local measures could be readily undertaken to address it without imposing restrictions statewide. To my knowledge, there is NO problem in the form of complaints or incidents anywhere else in the state. In short, it is a law where none is needed with the potential for more harm to grow out of the bill. The bill provides for far more lenient conditions than originally proposes including both a five mile and two mile ban from the entire boundary of airports. Still, if there isn't a need for the restrictions in fact vs. questionable perception, it shouldn't exist in statewide law.

Even if you don't ride within a mile of any airstrips or even in Florida, your support is still important. More regulations impacting the entire state may grow out of this. Plus, other states are watching how Florida is approaching this question and may well copy what comes out of it. There is precedence for this. So, please show your support for responsible freedom and sign the petition.

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