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Carafino boards arrived in Vancouver today

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Carafino boards arrived in Vancouver today

Postby Don_C » Thu May 22, 2014 1:54 am

Our group picked up a bunch of Carifino boards at the airport today. I took some photos and my friend CGlazier posted the following photos in another thread, but did not say much about the boards.

After looking them over they seem to be well built with a good paint job and some fancy graphics.

It's hard to comment on the shape until we have ridden them, but it looks just fine to me. The amount of nose rocker should be good to recover from touch downs when coming down from foiling. I am fairly new at foiling, but know this is a good feature at my level where I touch down during almost all of my roll tacks, and every one of my gybes.

The boards came with sliding footstrap tracks. The tracks are embedded in the board so the top is flush and the grip pad covers the tracks. Footstraps are attached via bolts that go through slits in the grip pad and can slide forward or back. Tracks are set so that you can go with a two strap or 3 strap setup, then slide them into the position that best suits the rider.

We don't have the foils yet, but Carafino says they will be coming soon. My understanding is that the foils are made at a different factory than the boards. Apparently there has been some delay at the foil factory. It has been a bit of a wait for the boards and foils, however, no longer than that of some other manufacturers. Our group has been patiently waiting, and now the boards have arrived and they look good. We hope the foils will arrive soon, but don't mind that Carafino takes the time needed to finish them off well, just like the boards. No sense rushing the job in my mind.

I've ridden a few foilboards, and look forward to riding this one as soon as the foils arrive.

Don C.
Vancouver B.C.

Picking up Boards (Mobile).jpg
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Re: Carafino boards arrived in Vancouver today

Postby Arcsrule » Thu May 22, 2014 1:34 pm

thanks for the write up and the pictures. they do look good! I received a text this morning and mine will be here soon too.

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Re: Carafino boards arrived in Vancouver today

Postby Splottie » Thu May 22, 2014 9:40 pm

A board without a foil.

Pretty much sums Carafino's pathetic dealings.

"Priority Shipping List" Yet no one has a foil?

Good Job Carafino you scammer.

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