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Defikite observations

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Defikite observations

Postby revhed » Fri May 23, 2014 8:42 pm

As there were world class kiteboardhydrofoilers present I will share some of my thoughts.
Maxime N and Nicolas P were simply amazing considering the conditions. :thumb:
Gruissan South France
Kite powered race 20 km, simple there and back
Super strong gusty tramontana wind that is famous here
1 meter waves and choppy sea
150 or so entrys
Almost no wind all day then BAM about 4ish, 40 knots almost directly off shore
This is the second and the first was dominated by foils, not this year.
Alex C (worlds fastest kiter) tested his foil and quickly changed for a directional, well done as he won by almost a km.
Second was Julien K on a standard TT, also a wise choice!
3rd was Nicolas on 5m2 north dyno,Spotz, same kite for Max but on sword in 4th, very close
I checked but to soon for offical results but they will be available soon.
google defikite gruissan
Many swords to be seen.
New boards from Zeeko.
Nicolas using 2 straps instead of 3, his front wing so small, I would guess 400cm2 or so, just a very rough guess but it sure seems small!
When they went in to warm up several big fast crashes were to be viewed.
I heard from a good friend on the race zodiak that Alex crashed twice, to the best of his recall Juilien K on tt, not once.
And most if not all foilers crashed multipal times, not confirmed!
Nice flying stance changes by houru, strapless!
Picture the sand blowing off the small dune at the beach constantly against the rough choppy h2o
and 150 kiters trying to get there and back in SUPER gusty 40 knot wind!
Hats off to Ben P on his 4m2 slingshot, he forgot his 3m ozone which he would have used, for 7th place.
As expected a few DNF, boat rescued and worn out riders
I wonder if both Max and Nicolas would have been better of with smaller kites?
Bravo to all who rode as it was tough out there this afternoon!
Excellent to see pretty girls racing as well, and doing pretty good for that matter, so nice the feminine touch to our sport. I think I even saw a female on foil but not sure how she did.
We left before the results as it got cold 11c, so nicer to be in a warm car!
Today was the first but the wind is not looking good for the next 2 days. :(

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Re: Defikite observations

Postby cglazier » Sat May 24, 2014 5:07 am

Interesting, thanks for posting RH.

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Re: Defikite observations

Postby lezo » Sat May 24, 2014 10:53 pm

Will try to be there next year!

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