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2014 North Juice 18m vs Dyno for low wind kiting

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2014 North Juice 18m vs Dyno for low wind kiting

Postby g_man » Sun Jun 01, 2014 10:48 pm

Hope to get some advice of someone who has flown the new North Juice 18m and can compare it to the 2013 17m Dyno and comment of the low end performance between these two kites.

I have been riding FS Speed 3 19m on a directional board in as low as 7-8 knots, and I am getting a very similar low end performance with the 17m 2013 Dyno. These two kites are obviously very different but I think the faster turning and the fast forward flying characteristics of the Dyno is what makes it such a high performer in these very low wind conditions. I was considering getting me a Dyno, but just learned about the Juice so I am trying to decide between the two for my light wind kite.


mr moon
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Re: 2014 North Juice 18m vs Dyno for low wind kiting

Postby mr moon » Fri Jul 04, 2014 8:30 am

Difficult choice this one is.. I am in the same position.the Juice looks a little faster and possibly more drifty, Dyno would be unbeatable for upwind and hang time. I woukd like to try the Juice 18 though

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