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Postby s1buell_wl » Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:41 pm

Dimitri, how are you?

I don't mean to call you "front center" but I had a thought and thus a question. I thought I would ask you because you are very active on the site and the owner of kite manufacturing company


1. There is no kite gear being made for Air style
2. I like a few other are customizing gear to get the job done
3. Right now there are no kites you can buy that really fill our needs and it seems to me the void is growing


1. Toby has made this offer (Toby hope you don't mind me quoting you)

"Trying to convince North to reproduce that kite but failed so far.

I would be open to develop Airstyle specific kites with a brand and give my name for it, so the Airstyle fans have something for their needs, including me."

2. It's really clear what we need Kite, Bar, CL and grab rails.
3. You have the North 18m 2011 dyno as a template as well as the bar and CL. (low R&D cost)

I'm not a pro or anything but I can say I like this style and I'm not bad at it. I'm at a point now where I'm looking for a kite to take things to the next level. I'm making due with whats currently available and kind of board with the abilities of the race specific gear. Each kite in this category has it's issues when it comes to the specifics of Air Style.

Whats your thoughts on this. I will understand if you chose not to reply.

Just send me an email

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