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What type of lightwind board?

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Re: What type of lightwind board?

Postby wetdog » Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:24 am

Peter_Frank wrote:Wetdog, we miss your input here ?

Because, some former windsurfers (in fact most I think), prefer directionals because of much better performance, and feeling "right" in every way.

But a few like the ease of TT's so mixed out there what is preferred.

What is your favourite ?

Because, everything depends on this, and nothing but this :rollgrin:

8) Peter
Sorry for my late reply. I've been away kiting in Rügen, Germany. :-) You are right, i think a directional would be more fun + probably I could get going in lighter winds. I was able to try a RRD Salerosa and it felt very lively. Not a board for truly light winds though. So I guess I'll have to have a 3 board quiver: 1. standard TT 2. Directional LW board (RRD K-Free, Airush Sector, Flysurfer Razor). 3. Wave board. :-D

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