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What do you feel about kite brands

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby iroddy » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:18 pm

Here's a quick list of the most popular kite brands in the UK and some of their products showing their RRP. These are all for a 9m 2014 kite and RRP for each bar.

For me personally, I find kite RRP pretty much on the same train, but it's the bar the I can't understand, especially the one who only changed the chicken loop in 2014 and charges £385 for a bar with floats that easily comes off!
Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 14.17.14.png

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby Slingshot-Bi-Curious » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:26 pm

PinkNorthPride wrote:
You know Slingshot when it's good is very good but they will always f*** up and deliver Links, TD2's and screw up good models with bad bridles (even now with the RPM), just wait til the Fuel bridle reports start coming in.

Then you know there are crap brands like Epic, Blade and that Polish rip off Lou Wainman outfit.

Have I missed any?
Hey Pinky.. Been a while.. How have you been since "the change"? still riding with the bar flowers?

I know the Slingshot guys are missing you down the beach and in the communal bath....

You missed out Core.. What do you think of that brand? :D

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby Starsky » Sat Jul 26, 2014 2:36 pm

Kind of funny, how most of my kite BRAND thoughts are very much influenced by intangible and often totally erroneous and subjective aspects of their presence in the market over the years.

Lots of interesting points brought up, but even the posts that seem totally ridiculous ring kinda true.

Our perceptions of brand based solely on their top tier pricing somehow reflecting in perceptions of quality. The little guy in the market ranting and waving his arms saying "look at me, look at me" The progression of brands from bargain basement online only, to high profile pro rider retail mavens with top tier pricing to match. The esoterics with their italian designers or their 17 year old comic motifs appeal. The Canadian, or the German brand all have their connotations to match. Its pretty comical really how unfounded most perceptions are.

The reality is the numbers of riders who have ridden lots of different kites from lots of different brands are few and far between. I'd bet the bulk of new kite purchases are still done without a demo. Certainly the bulk of brand defending and trashing is based on single incidents of gear failure, or emotion invested in the gear we chose to buy, and we build lovely little arguments to suit.

Im no different. The reality is we are protected by the fact that there are very few really bad kites on the market today and most of us are held back by our personal limitations and not that of our gear.

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby CaptainArgh » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:16 pm

eree wrote:...
you sound just like one certain kite brand with double S abbreviation worthless infomercial sounds like. you are contradicting yourself. why do you need so much customer support if your gear is quote: bomb-proof? are you having problems with your "domestic" product?

and nice definition of the PERFORMANCE! now i know what it means, still not clear what are its measuring units thou...
Nah, you're reading too much into it.
I think those things are important and are true of many brands.
Instead of starting another flame thread, why don't you just answer the OP question and discuss what you think is important in a brand?

And seriously, you think we can agree on what makes "performance" good in this thread? To each his own. Performance is what you like in a kite, there are a lot of differences out there. There are kites out there that perform well that I wouldn't buy because the quality is poor or the customer support is lacking.

There is no brand that has zero issues. Sooner or later if you stick with a brand you are going to need support. And it sure is nice when you make that call to have the guy on the other end of the phone helping you and not trying to sell you a new kite. I've been there. It is frustrating...

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby L0KI » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:26 pm

Dimitri M wrote:So do you think it's worth spending money on paper magazines or online magazines in order to promote the brand? Which ones you guys spend more time on, the online magazine or the paper one?
Your input is very appreciated.
I still get the print version of KiteWorld magazine.
I look at Ksurf Magazine online.
When The Kite Boarder magazine does their large test series I will look at that online.

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby Jbrook » Sat Jul 26, 2014 3:30 pm

Now that kites are so much more expensive than a few years ago where does the money go? They still make alot of duds, who does the r and d Mickey Mouse? Interesting to see whose price are the highest. Interesting to see who has the most expensive kites in the top 10, has nothing to do with most sold more like image for a few. Why is Extract 200 euros more than Razor to pay Lenten's salary, is a first year kite? Vegas is alot cheaper also Fuel. Kiting doesn't make sense haha! In the end up to the consumers the companies can try to charge whatever they want.

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Just try the EPICKITES and you will see for yourself.
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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby Dimitri M » Sat Jul 26, 2014 6:27 pm

William Munney, $300 for a set of lines that's crazy. We sell our a set of (4) x 22 meter lines for $145. Are you sure it's not 300 pesos?

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby switchkites » Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:07 pm

Line sets:
Check the reviews.

William Munney
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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby William Munney » Sat Jul 26, 2014 7:55 pm

switchkites wrote:Line sets:
Check the reviews.
That's the way it should be. But those line sets can't be used to replace the fifth element lines.

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Re: What do you feel about kite brands

Postby MACTNKA » Sun Jul 27, 2014 2:45 pm

I will tell you what would influence a beginner that doesn't know the first thing about kiteboarding, but likes being informed! Less than two short years ago I decided after learning to be comfortable swimming long distance:) it was time to try some water sports. On the advice of the kiters I knew I started with 9/12 rebels 2010 used. That was a disaster! They were ok speedwise and upwind but loved oversheeting and getting tangled(5 lines) so I had to put my swimming skills to use, and was very annoyed and frustrated cause the lack of safety. Then I saw ozone win all the races with the Edge and that's a statement in any sport no matter how good their riders are. But since I couldnt find any deals on them I had to do my research on the only tool there is for that The Kiteforum(and Google:). And I found all the greatest reviews I was looking for, for: 1.Safety, 2.Upwind ability, 3. Performance. I got three checks on Core,thanks Supa Ez:), And then I found Deals on them in Germany and a true Love has formed. I loved that you can use all their kites on one bar, the R&D was proving to work since they showed up on more and more podiums, they were as intuitive as it gets( I didn't have to adjust to the kites), so I've owned 5 core kites since. I am still dreaming of the day I could afford an Ozone but I think, what would inform and make people try a Kite Is the Kiteforum Old Dog Reviews, you know who you are;), so when you try them you already know you like them, cause 2 week demo's not enough. Then the actual reliability and performance of the kite will keep you coming back(if there are deals). So all in all the Competitions results will give you the wants, the Old Dogs here the OK, the Deals the Final Go!!! And then its up to the Kite Itself!

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