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Freeride/All Around Kite for Beginner/Intermediate

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Hansen Design
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Re: Freeride/All Around Kite for Beginner/Intermediate

Postby Hansen Design » Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:18 pm

Hi Rossta:
It can be confusing.
Hopefully this blog will help:
To get a good sense, you really need to compare the Projected Area with AR which is reflected in the Projected Aspect Ratio. Switch provides all the specs for every kite in detail with a mouse-over feature which explains them. Check them here by selecting the Specs Menu.
There are plenty of user reviews there as well which will help you understand more about the Nitro3. If you need more info, feel free to contact me through the blogs, email, PM or post on the Switch forum.
- Bill Hansen


Rossta wrote:Can anyone explain? What aspect ratio is better for me? I've heard high and low. High aspect gives better upwind and low aspect does what??

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Re: Freeride/All Around Kite for Beginner/Intermediate

Postby dimip » Fri Aug 01, 2014 8:39 pm

Oldnbroken wrote:I will go to the coast (for the nice consistent wind, to give and advantage to the kite) and get a ride on a Nitro 10.
If it can go from 13-35 knots on my Monk Forever, I will sell my other three kites and buy it.
But I am skeptical. I had Nitro 8 &12M V1 kites.
Making a recommendation to a beginner based on those numbers is not realistic, certainly not for him.
I've been kiting since 2005, and almost everyone stretches the truth about kite range.
By the way, the boys at the King of the Air this year, were on 9 &10 meter kites in 30 knots, and boosting 20 meters.
So your buddy at 40 knots (46 MPH) on a 9M and boosting just like Kevin Langeree (20 meters) is impressive and you on a Nitro 10M at 35 Knots (40 MPH) is impressive.

If you read my first post on the topic i suggest that he buys the Nitro v3 12m for the conditions he said 12-25 knots. Nitro will go better upwind,is built tough,relaunches very easy and if shit happens because he is a beginner,Switch is the only company who has spare parts at affordable prices for all the range of kites and bars!!!! I never said to go out at 35 on a 10m nitro. That is me.

If you gonna try it with the monk if you can have 53mm fins and not only the 43mm that comes with the monk 132x41 it helps a lot at both low and top end.

And last as far it concerns king of the air, we where lucky last year and we had for almost 3 months at our local spot Andries Fourie(i have witnessed what they are able to do) ... -air-2014/.
There is no comperation at all. Its one thing boost big and there is completely different boost big,loop the kite and do the crazy things they do........

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Re: Freeride/All Around Kite for Beginner/Intermediate

Postby L0KI » Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:13 pm

dimip wrote:If you gonna try it with the monk if you can have 53mm fins and not only the 43mm that comes with the monk 132x41 it helps a lot at both low and top end.........
I have the 43MM fins, the 53MM fins and the 57MM fins that they used on the Luigi, Gintronic, Dundee, Speedball, Red, Turbo, and Shinnster.

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