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Gusty lightwind

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Re: Gusty lightwind

Postby Hawaiis » Fri Aug 01, 2014 9:13 pm

Heimo wrote:very impressive! I like Your foilboard :thumb: :D

Is such a thing very different in behavior compared to an industrial made one?
Maybe i should make such a thing for my bamboo board (full bamboo - about 10 kilos)

apparent wind with 21: your completely right!

by the way - the music in your vids - what is she singing all the time?
The homemade hydrofoil can be made better than some commercially available one.
It depends on your priority. It can be made strong for jumping or streamed line for faster speed or make it to go in both directions like this video.
The song is an ancient chant the singer's grand mother taught her, I don't understand it either.

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Re: Gusty lightwind

Postby Peter_Frank » Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:54 pm

Hawaiis wrote:I think the Flysurfer 21m has more apparent wind once going, it just lack the initial power to start the hydrofoil in light wind. I feel underpowered in starting and overpowered when going. Which is exactly the opposite requirement for a hydrofoil board. It will be more suitable for twin tips and surfboards and especially for heavier riders.
Here is a video of water starting strapless.
It is very similar to water starting with a surfboard, you just need to tilt the board with one hand and park the kite at 1o'clock
Agree fully, really big kites are not really used for hydrofoiling because of that - you want a kick in the ass to get up, and then you want a "small" kite once going.
So try ride with a smaller kite instead, as smaller foilkites also generate more kick when dived (and use a bit longer lines maybe).

Regarding strapless waterstarts:

Very very difficult at first, as it is NOT similar to starting on a surfboard at all IMO.

On strapless surfboards you just put your feet up on the board, and push/weigh the windward edge a bit down - point slightly downwind, and (up on the board) off you go when you dive the kite :naughty:
Easy peasy :rollgrin:

This is NOT possible whatsoever on a hydrofoil :o

You will have absolutely no chance of starting this way :(

You have to tilt the hydrofoil manually by hand, and time everything so you get up before it drops down to vertical :naughty:

Okay, WHEN you do this, the start is very similar to a strapless surfboard waterstart indeed, agree.
I believe you learned to start strapless on a hydrofoil first Hawaiis ? Before you learned to ride a directional surfboard right ?
If so, I understand you find it "the same" - as when you can start strapless on a hydrofoil, starting on a surfboard is really easy afterwards and feels the same, yes.

But if used to surfboards for years, you'll get a shock how impossible it is when trying this method on a strapless hydrofoil - simply impossible :x

The trick is, as we both say, to tilt the board up with your backhand, and then "just" start as normal, both feet in the right position immediately is best.

When starting with really big kites, or in really light wind, there is one huge difference -
You hold the board edged with your rear hand, and with smaller kites you just let go with the hand and dive the kite and off you go.
Wont work with big and slower kites and longer lines :nono:
Here you hold the board, and keep holding the board while you dive the kite aggressively - and first when you being to feel it pulls a lot, you let go and waterstart !
This "delay" can be quite extreme in light wind, as our kites hover and react soooo slow from 12 o'clock (or 1), and even slower with longer lines...
But once they GET dived and speed, there is more than sufficient normally - so it is all about timing timing timing - and practicing this :thumb:

When experienced, you can dive any kite, and even loop the kite, strapless, and get up every time - you just have to get this delay into your soul and mind.

When strapped, this delay means nothing at all, so this is why I emphasize this point as the most important aspect in light wind strapless :D

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