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Another short video after finally learning to foil

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Another short video after finally learning to foil

Postby toyletbowl » Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:44 am

Learning to ride on MHL Lift foil boards or any foil boards for that matter takes time and determination. Here's a video of 2 good sessions after things finally came together and I was able to foil above the water for long periods of time instead of the dreaded kangarooing rides.

The ride is hard to explain, but it's completely insane how cool it can be once riding on the foils. I've been able to test super low end ranges of riding. There were a couple of sessions where I wouldn't even have a lot of fun on a Blade, Cabrinha or Slingshot 17m kite, but had my 10m Slingshot Rally 2015 kite and ripping upwind. 5-12 mph winds. In the lower winds, just getting on the plane is hard, and takes experience, but once up, it's go time. In gusts to 12 or 13, you can point and shoot upwind like a rocket. Then, learning to foil back downwind is a completely different learning experience.

If you are OK with being humbled, try it.
If you are OK with crashing and looking like a fool, try it.
If you are OK with having to really think through where to ride, how to get to deep water, etc. try it.
If you are OK with looking at green winds on I-kitesurf and now being stoked about it, try it.

Thanks to Jake Chanson for letting me ride the white sled for the first month or so.



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Re: Another short video after finally learning to foil

Postby Slyde » Sat Aug 02, 2014 10:39 pm

Good to see Bob, I'm a few sessions behind you. Just at the stage of foiling consistently for a few hundred meters. I'm amazed at how small a kite will work. Yesterday took out a 12 in 11 knots... Big mistake...way overpowered. Changed to a 10... Wind filled in to 12-15 max...rode on full de-power wishing I was on an 8. Loving that amazing smooth acceleration that comes with a gust but looking forward to the time when I feel comfortable enough to power this baby up fully. Feel like I'm always looking for a way to dump the power.
Sharing the stoke. :)

Matt Air
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Re: Another short video after finally learning to foil

Postby Matt Air » Sat Aug 02, 2014 11:09 pm

Nice video! Thanks so much. I have the same board, 2014 MHL Lift. Its a nice board to learn on. Last time i rode i got a few rides 100m or so. Learning on a lake in Dallas Texas so nice to see the video of others. Yes, i also keep going smaller and smaller on kites. I also have been using two front straps instead of one. Still have my back strap on but i take my back foot out sometimes. Have u guys rode with 2 front straps or no straps yet?

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Re: Another short video after finally learning to foil

Postby Sir V » Sun Aug 03, 2014 5:29 am

Hi guys, I've been through all of that and then some :) I totally relate to the stoke you're feeling and can tell you that it only gets better.

I ride the MHL Lift 2014, but their wave product. I have moved on to wave riding because that is what I always wanted to do. You don't need the surfboard to foil, but I use it like a normal board when I want to get the 'old' feel on a wave :). They are different ways to ride and one doesn't replace the other, so I have 1 board that gives me both.

A couple of shots from yesterday to wet your appetite for waves.. share the stoke I say :thumb:
Older shot, previous board with 2013 foil

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