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Ozone Reo 2014/15 with Slingshot Compstick bar?

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Ozone Reo 2014/15 with Slingshot Compstick bar?

Postby dandaka » Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:40 pm

is it possible to ride these two together?

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Re: Ozone Reo 2014/15 with Slingshot Compstick bar?

Postby Manuel V » Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:28 am

i think you need to use pigtails to adapt the compstick bar line ends with the Reo bridle line conectors.

Something to consider is that the ozone bar for the Reo came with 25 meter lines and slingshot compstick bar (20") use 23 Meter Lines.

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Re: Ozone Reo 2014/15 with Slingshot Compstick bar?

Postby dcorning » Thu Aug 21, 2014 3:00 pm

I bought an 8m 2013 Ozone Reo sans bar.

I rigged up the compstick bar (2013) no problem. The pigtails are held by simple larks head and I think they needed to be swapped.

The problem I had however was when I launched the kite. It had simply way too much depower, even with the depower strap fully powered up. When I pulled the bar all the way in there were no guts to the kite, and it flapped and fluttered with any trim at all.

I tried the same kite on the same day with a cabrinha drifter bar (2013) and it was way better.

This leads me to believe that the relative line lengths just won't work with the Reo. Not sure why, maybe the line that attaches the steering lines to the kite is too long, or maybe the center bridles don't extend far enough below the kite. Either way the comp stick bar was useless, which was a surprise because i've used that bar for so many other kites before. FYI it had the stock depower strap on it, and yes the lines may have been stretched but not that much.


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