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Roof of the World Regatta Tajikistan

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Roof of the World Regatta Tajikistan

Postby Toby » Mon Aug 18, 2014 8:45 pm

KTA News:

Roof of the World Regatta Tajikistan

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DATE:13.09.2014 - 16.09.2014
LENGTH:4 days
LOCATION:Karakul Tajikistan, Central Asia

The Roof of the World Regatta just has to be one of the most unique and exiting events that the KTA has ever had the pleasure to be involved with. Etc4CA the regatta organisers are inviting all extreme adventure sailors and kiteboarders to come and participate in this inaugural WORLD RECORD event.

Yes indeed this event will set a new world record as the highest regatta ever staged as it will be taking place on Lake Karakul which lies in the Tajik National Park at an altitude of 3,960 meters above sea level.

So if you think you have a head for heights then come and join us at the Roof of the World Regatta and be part of something very special!

The KTA has joined forces with etc4CA who are the regatta organisers and founders of the Roof of the World Regatta who in collaboration with META (Murghab Eco-Tourism Association) aim to help boost tourism in the Eastern Pamir of Tajikistan and bring economic development to the region. The KTA will be supporting the Roof of the World Regatta (ROTW) with PR and media outputs as well as organising a KTA Kite Kids camp for the children of the local village Karakul that takes its name from the high altitude lake that will host the ROTW.

The ROTW will take place 13 – 16 September 2014 and is attracting participants from the sailing, kite and paddle fraternities in a bid to set that world record event and bring the attention of the world to the people and this stunning region of Central Asia.

Karakul (“Black Lake”) is a 52 km circumference lake in the Pamir Mountains. Lying at 3960 m the lake is split into two sides by a peninsula projecting from the south shore and an island off the north shore that divides the lake into two basins: a smaller, relatively shallow eastern one, between 13 to 19 m deep and a larger western one, 221 to 230 m deep.

Etc4CA are also hoping that as well as the short-course racing activities being planned for the eastern half the lake that it will be possible to undertake a navigation race from the east to west side basins. The perfect challenge then for those of you who like your ‘long-run’ adventure racing.

Along with the regatta and world record attempts Roof of the World promises to a once in a life time experience on many levels, from the overland jeep journeys that will take 2-4 days up into the mountains to reach Karakul, to meeting and living with the Tajik people at Karakul. The village that takes its name from the lake is home to some 250 families where life has been thrown back 200 years in time after the collapse of the USSR that once controlled the country. This has left them without electricity, running water and many of the other infrastructures that we all take for granted in the 21st Century.

The village of Karakul also lies within a circular depression of the meteorite impact crater, an impact that is estimated to have occurred about 25 million years ago. The village is made up of the old Russian style block built houses and the more traditional ‘Yurts’.

So you can expect some interesting experiences and well as the races in this regatta. Being there, taking part and having a lot of fun will certainly be top of the sailing instructions for this one.

The KTA will also be supporting Roof of the World by running a KTA Kite Kids camp which we hope will bring the event and host population closer together making everyone part of the regatta.

So see you in Tajikistan then …….


To attend the Roof of the World Regatta you must pre-register, which you can do on the ect4CA website via the following link ... d-regatta/

As you can appreciate resources and facilities are limited at Karakul and participant numbers need to be careful catered for by etc4CA in terms of accommodation in particular.

The Roof of the World Regatta by its very location and participant make up will run with a far more flexible schedule than a normal event. There will be racing every day of some style and mix, so you will get plenty of opportunity to let rip on that lovely looking lake up there.

We already know there are kiters coming from Germany, Switzerland, the UK and Asia, along with sailors from Kazakhstan, so there will be different classes in action at the regatta.

Please refer to the Roof of the World website and event pages. You must pre-register on the ect4CA website to enable the event organisers to arrange accommodation for you in Karakul.

- Tajikistan Visa National Park permit for entry (mandatory for sailing on Lake Karakul)
- Prioritised accommodation booking (Karakul village has only limited accommodation so register early)

Please note that it takes at least one week to process an entry visa and park permit so allow enough time for this before you travel.

You will need to first take an international flight Biskek the capital of Tajikistan and then a domestic fight onto Osk the nearest airport to Karakul. There after you will need to travel overland up the mountain roads to Karakul itself.

The regatta organisers recommend that you undertake your overland travel with one of the ROTW recommended tour operators –

Pimar Guides –

Pamir Highway Adventure –

Sailing and kiting on Lake Karakul is entirely at your own risk. Participants should be very wary of the effects of altitude sickness and should acclimatize before coming to Karakul. We recommend at least 48 hours in the Alay valley (3000m).

ROTW Organisers –

Tourism Information –

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