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F-One bar - how to wrap up bar in self rescue +inverted kite

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Re: F-One bar - how to wrap up bar in self rescue +inverted

Postby jackie » Thu Sep 04, 2014 11:07 pm

dt73775 wrote:super is correct.. you need to make sure the bar is against the yellow stopper and does not slide back down. On the B4 & B5's , I had some rescues where when I was rolling up the lines, I thought it was against the stopper , but it slid back down and power was getting back to the kite. What I do now is when it hits the yellow stopper, I wrap a couple of turns around the bar so it stays in place and then start rolling up the lines....I also learned that when you release, pull hard on the center line till you get to the yellow ball and the kite will just fall on its back (smiley face) , then you can do you're rescue in peace.

ps...Jackie?? how's the B7?I have a B6 11m and my 9 & 7's are still the B5. Is there a big diff?
Thanks, will watch the yellow stopper, I did not pay much attention to that. I am just still wandering .. maybe the Bandits depower best on their back? and they are not meant to be flipped the LE down which super_padge suggested might be a calmer position for the packing. You would just wind the lines while the kite is on its back? I don't understand why does not F One write in their manual how you should do it instead of me trying it outand suffering through it :-) It may feel like a detail, but I can't help it, I found it really difficult to wind the lines in the windier conditions, the lines were constantly being pulled out from my hands in gloves, it was really difficult to hold the lines.

As for b7 vs the older ones, I am probably not the best one to compare it and I don't have much comparison. Only a few days on the B6 a year ago.. but I felt that the b7 is a little bit less aggressive than the b7, it does not rip me off the water the same way as the b6 did when I jumped with it. But it's hard to say with so much time in between. I like them (all of them, the 7, 9 and 12). I feel that they do not fly too well when the de-power strap is used.

And I think the bar is still crap, even though much better than the velcro version.
- I find it really rough for my hands (the skin was destroyed already after one day without gloves while normally this appears only few kiting days later),
- the de-power strap does not stay de-powered if you are overpowered, in gusts and in jumps (what is it for then?!)
-and ppl say the two line depower is not safe..
So I am thinking of getting a spare bar- lets say a North bar.. have to look into that.

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Re: F-One bar - how to wrap up bar in self rescue +inverted

Postby super_padge » Sat Sep 06, 2014 11:46 am

Hey Jackie,

my suggestion is more kiting will toughen up the skin on your hands! sounds like a good excuse to kite more....

To keep the bar depowered at the point you want, adjust it, then make sure you squeeze in the depower rope so it sits securely in the clamcleat. It's not nice when it suddenly powers up!!

The double centre line system is safe - the only problem i've had is in light wind it fails to fall on it's back/flip over, so you need to swim or run fast at the kite to make it flip over.

If you're really not convinced, your bandit will work on another bar, eg Best, Slingshot and the safety system will be a single front line.

Keep persevering!

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