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Nomad's DIY foil build

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Re: Nomad's DIY foil build

Postby NorCalNomad » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:41 pm

Yeah that whole sanding thing really pissed me off. Finally got all the surfaces ready for carbon and definitely going about it differently this time.

If you want to follow some small updates through instagram I'm tagging (and back tagged) all my posts with #nomadfoil.

Right now I've gotten a layer of 6oz twill CF on both sides of my fuselage (with it overlapping on my at the top and bottom surfaces + triaxial glass underneath it. Trying to decide if I want to or need to put on more since it's already feels REALLY stiff. Definitely going to put some reinforcement patches at the nose and tail where they are most likely to get banged around in the water and car. And other than putting more carbon to stiffen/ blend the mast into the fuselage I think I'm good for the fuselage.

Now the mast still needs a few layers since I didn't get to put on my full layup when I had my hardener miscalculation. Then attach it permanently to the baseplate (lots of CF).

Wings need to get a layer of 6oz CF twill then they'll be done. Wondering if I should put on a layer of 4 or 2oz glass on top of the CF just to make them a little more ding resistant, or just do a heavy sanding coat?

And for the board I still need to figure out what I'm doing. Not sure if it will float, so I'm wondering if bolting it to a skim would be a good idea... or should I try to do a simple XPS board (no rocker table, just carving and laminating) that will have tracks in them (like the alien air). I HAD a beat up Lost V3 that had the nose broken off but it had tons of dents in it that seemed like a pain in the ass to put more glass/ CF on for reinforcement.

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