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Waterstart - directions kite and board relative to the wind

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sergei Scotland
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Re: Waterstart - directions kite and board relative to the wind

Postby sergei Scotland » Sun Jun 18, 2017 12:53 am

Thanks Mike101 - your description helps. (and thanks everybody).
As you say nothing bits practice - and I am going for two week next Sat.!
But knowing what to do is big part of it. I guess my original instructor told me most of it when I started 3 years ago. But when I had a refresher last year I forgot most of details I guess (only had one session last year :-( Almost made it but ran out of time :-) ).
So this time I am trying to revise everything I know and improve my understanding BEFORE I go on the water.

Just some reasons why I was insisting on full picture (and driving people crazy I guess :-):

1) I distinctly remember the moment I waterstarted successfully first time (3 years ago).
It was RIGHT AFTER I asked my instructor the same question - about the angles.
And made it straight away (I had a few really bad attempts before and simply was not getting anywhere at all. So I asked about what I figured out my problem was - it was shallow water and instructor was with me).
So in my mind ability to visualize angles is the most important part I need to know. As soon as I got this info I managed to waterstart.
I kind of forgot details - so was asking here trying to get the full picture again...
2)And last year when I had a 3h refresher I figured out that I am losing wind direction as soon as I start waterstart. So I figured out that old sailing beginner trick of having a landmark to indicate wind direction/moving direction/kite position might help and then it will be piece of cake if I knew the angles ( I need to apply them to MY wind Landmark ).
Was very vague on angles though. Figured out that I will never see them in videos taken from water level. Could not find a drone video of waterstart.
Hence all the trouble.
Hope that this info might help someone else just starting!
Thanks again everyone. Now I really feel equipped to actually do it... Seriously... :thumb:

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