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RRD Passion MK9 review?

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RRD Passion MK9 review?

Postby f2020 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:57 am

Has anybody tried the RRD Passion MK9? Any review? How does it compare to the Cabrinha Switchblade or Ozone Enduro V2? Turning speed? Bar pressure?

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Re: RRD Passion MK9 review?

Postby roastkiter » Fri Oct 13, 2017 10:37 am

I rode it once in about 20 knots of wind for a few hours, so probably not the best review but am happy to share my experience. I have an obsession and vision from rrd. Basically the passion is aimed at the beginner, if you’re more advanced than that I would not recommend it.

It’s not a bad kite at all, I just found it a bit slow through the air especially if you’re comparing it to the switchblade. It still loops fine, boosts ok and has pretty much the same bar pressure as other rrd kites. I’m not an expert in unhooked tricks but based on a simple railey I can say that it will work for those. The relaunch is super easy on it, like all kites these days except I had an issue twice where the bar slipped out of my hands unhooked and it went on to the leash. Both times I wasn’t able to reset it on the water, and had to swim in. Probably user error and wouldn’t affect it if you rigged it to not flag out.

In summary it’s a good kite, but I think if you’re riding often you will grow out of it pretty quickly.

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Re: RRD Passion MK9 review?

Postby adrenalineendorphin » Fri Oct 13, 2017 5:02 pm

I agree with @roastkiter.
Really stable kite, HUGE wind range. I felt like 9m has no highend (95kg rider). Goes upwind amazingly. Boosts high (like a lift, slow up, slow down). Bar pressure is too light (compared to other RRD kites). Kiteloop: pretty aggressive, if you like loops, try the new Obsession (with 4 lines it is more like a switchblade then a a freestlye machine). Unhooked: maybe a bit better than switchblade.
For me it was a too soft kite. like roastkiter says:
I think if you’re riding often you will grow out of it pretty quickly.
It feels like a FREERIDE kite. Good for everything, but nothing amazing. If I had to choose between switchblade or passion, I would go with switchblade. But try the Obsession MK10. I was affraid that it will feel too much freestlye, but is is amazing (maybe the wind range is not as high as a switchblade)

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Re: RRD Passion MK9 review?

Postby Lom » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:53 am

adrenalineendorphin, please tell more about Obsession mk10.

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Re: RRD Passion MK9 review?

Postby Clymax » Mon Oct 16, 2017 11:40 am

Hi Guys,

I would also like to hear more from adrenalineendorphin about new Obsession MK10 as I have MK8 and am thinking to switch to the newest model.
MK8 has quite high Bar preasure and unhooking is not so comfortable therefor MK10 should be better, but what about low end, stability, turning speed, depower and high end?
I will be choosing between SwitchBlade and Obsession MK10 so any advice on these to kites is welcome.

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