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AxisAxis New Wave vs. Ocean Rodeo Jester (strapless freestyle)

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Re: AxisAxis New Wave vs. Ocean Rodeo Jester (strapless freestyle)

Postby baxterbradford » Mon Nov 20, 2017 8:59 pm

It's not that it is too heavy to jump, their promo videos show it doing well. I was being realistic in relation to some of the specialist lightweight boards that are around. However it's commonly acknowledged that lightweight comes at expense of durability. The New Wave is almost pristine after so much time on the water. I've just weighed my new Wave 5'8" and it says 5.8kg (with 3 glass fins). The Mitu 5'10" standard construction I have on order is supposed to be 3.75kg, the carbon version being 3.1kg (albeit manufacturers figures for F-One).

zig zag
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Re: AxisAxis New Wave vs. Ocean Rodeo Jester (strapless freestyle)

Postby zig zag » Thu Nov 23, 2017 7:25 pm

The Jester and Duke area loved by many kite surfers who originally only surfed around Vancouver Island.. they are like no other directional and manage to do just about everything... jumping to slashing and freestyle.. you won't be disappointed.

the construction is bomb proof and duke or jester rip up the chop just like the mako boards

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Re: AxisAxis New Wave vs. Ocean Rodeo Jester (strapless freestyle)

Postby zerogee_ca » Fri Nov 24, 2017 8:56 am

Hmmm?? Jester... the fool, buffoon, clown 🤡? 😂 "Hyperactive, twitchy, and lively". Not qualities I would look for in a surfboard for myself. Makes it sound like it's got a mind of its own and hard to control.🤔

I haven't tried the Jester, but I had 2 sessions on the Duke. Kept swapping with my ride back to back for comparison. In case I was just imagining things. It was not my cup of tea.

In thruster mode, the board felt huge for a 5'4. Slow, like it needed more kite or more wind. It liked longer drawn out carves. Not a bad thing, it did those great. But it was exhausting trying snap it around on tighter turns. Like I was too light for it. Then out of nowhere, it would do this annoying rail to rail shimmy thing, knocking me off balance. I was not easy to pop it off the water too. It did go upwind well and it's super smooth in chop as advertised.

It was more fun throwing it around in quad mode but still has those other issues.

I buckled an original Mako Surf (similar construction) in 13 months. That one was not bombproof. :angryfire:

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