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How thick can I lay carbon fiber?

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Re: How thick can I lay carbon fiber?

Postby tahoedirk » Thu Mar 08, 2018 4:24 pm

Nice effort , No matter what hardener you use you still have to de pot the resin onto your work or a plate as soon as possible.

Finish one side completely , first one layer , let harden, clean up opposite side early if necessary , then 9 more. Wax the new side a couple times , especially the edges/creases, of part to mold, then light coats of hairspray to perfection and you should be fine. I did another run with just resin when the edges came out really shitty and the mold came out best ever.

A mast takes 2 or 3 hours for me to layup , so time is a factor but multiple batches of medium speed will not get out of control

I still have meltdowns regularly, try not to breath the smoke, I bet it is not healthy! Has anyone seen flames ,really??

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Re: How thick can I lay carbon fiber?

Postby opie » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:16 am

PLA mast mold worked pretty well. I got impatient at the end and the mold warped, but the mast seems good to me. I did overfill the mold so the mast is a good eight inch wider than intended.

Spurred by my success I tried a fuse mold with a little more patience. It came out better but the mold still had a small amount of warping. Small waves formed where I can see the pattern of the support material underneath.

I am printing a plate mold with a thicker outside layer, 1.2 mm to try next.

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