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Brand: Flysurfer


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The 2COOL completes his predecessor among other features with the Full Depower Safetyline ( FDS ). We've also been able to increase the overall performance without sacrificing its extremely competitive price and value on the market.

The open cell structure of the 2COOL makes it the perfect kite for land and snow usage. Therefore it surprises with well-tempered flying characteristics, tight turns and a steady power generation.

With all these characteristics the 2COOL addresses itself to the beginner and offers the advanced rider a cost efficient kite for land and snow usage.

With the kite market having advanced quite a lot during the last months, we've also improved the 2COOL in several aspects:

  • Maximum safety: with the FDS, the 2COOL offers a very effective safety which makes it the safest open cell kite on today's market.
  • Better stability: With the shape slightly improved, the 2COOL is one of the most stable open cell kites available.
  • Keep it simple: With the implementation of the FDS the bar's complexity has been reduced.

The 2COOL will be delivered - ready to fly - like all FLYSURFER kites, complete with bar and lines already attached. Furthermore the FDS is standard on all 2COOL.

With the 4-line system on the 2COOL, changing to handles is simple and still allows the rider to take full advantage of the kites depower ability.


  • Best value for the best price on the market
  • Perfect safety with the lowest remaining pull available
  • Less complex bar for easier handling
  • Easy relaunch by just pulling in one backline
  • Good power delivery even in low wind conditions
  • And of course: Free-Repair Warranty



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