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Brand: Aboards

Model: 3D Progressive Board


  • 127
  • 131
  • 137
  • 146


ABoards kiteboards with their „3D progressive boards” are among the big surprises in the board market in 2007 season. Boards are produced in snowboard factory in the Europe. The boards are of highest technical level – characterized by triple absorption flex tips, 3D top deck, tunnel concave and super strong core combined of wood, Airex and carbon-kevlar. On water boards are characterized by great upwind, excellent pop, grip and comfort. Result is a kiteboard suitable for widest array of riders staring from beginners, to hard core kids pulling out new school tricks. Boards are have changeable stance positions, are quipped with soft and ergonomic accessories and 4.5mm illuminating orange G10 fins.


68 tons

Each board of ABoards collection 2007 has been produced in technologically advanced manufacturing press under the pressure of 68 tons. Such pressure guarantees our boards are of extreme strength and durability.

Flex zones

Computer calculated and rider tested 3D surface profile with different thickness of top deck creates dedicated zones of various flex levels across the board ensuring immediate absorption of any vibrations and provides board with outstanding pop.


Combination of such materials as Airex, honeycomb, ABS and wood that are particularly aligned within the boards core allows to create ultra-light, but super-strong board.

Anti-scratch cover

Top and bottom deck of the board is covered with transparent anti-scratch cover of well chosen thickness. Anti-scratch cover protects all technological layers and board graphics from any bumps, scratches and UV sunlight.

Tunnel concave

Developed by hydrodynamic software and proven in years of exploitation tunnel concave of our boards ensures great acceleration and planning combined with stability and control in riding, as well as easy upwind.

3D top deck

Computer assisted manufacturing machines allows 3D profiling of board core and top deck in such detail to obtain outstanding results in thermo-presses where boards are created.

ABS rail

Rail of the board is created from particularly strong ABS plastic to protect the board from bumps and crashes and to keep together layers of board top and bottom at high load areas.









127 top (Small).jpg

127 botom (Small).jpg


131 top (Small).jpg

131 botom (Small).jpg


137 top (Small).jpg

137 botom (Small).jpg


146 top (Small).jpg

146 botom (Small).jpg




3D Progressive Board 127x38.5 - kiteforum.com

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