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Brand: Nobile


  • 120x36
  • 125x38
  • 130x39
  • 135x40
  • 145x41


Winner of many magazine tests in 2006, the updated 555 range is designed to offer easy to obtain performance and above all comfort.

Recognizing the fact that not every rider has either the level or the desire to be a pro this range is all about fun in the water and going home with a smile.

For 2007 we've simplified the sizes and improved the POP from the board without compromising on the smooth, soft feeling and superb chop handling. It's no use having the highest performance board on the beach if you don't have the skill to handle it. For many riders an easy to ride board will allow them to perform better than a high performance model simply through the extra control and confidence that they experience. Each size is designed to provide a one board quiver. Light wind planning, great control when powered and fantastic upwind ability are all trademarks of the 555 range. Not aimed at any specific riding style these are boards that will allow you to progress quickly and with the minimum of hassle no matter what your current level is.



555 2007 7.png

555 2007 2.png

555 2007 3.png

555 2007 4.png

555 2007 5.png

555 2007 6.png




555 2007 135x40 - sbckiteboard.com

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