5th Element 2005

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Brand: North


  • One Size



Nose Down Relaunch

Nose Down Relaunch

Y-Connection Trim PDF

Y-Connection Trim




Trim Tips

Y-Connection Trim

As your bar will hopefully get used a lot, there are defiantly places on the system that will have some wear. In our research department we discovered a new option to customize your bar at the top Y connection, so your system will not wear out. Just take a few minutes and change your lines after the following instruction.

1: Your system will look like this picture.

5th Element 2005 Y 1.png

2: Separate the blue midline by opening the loop and remove it. Then connect the two lines again.

5th Element 2005 Y 2.png

3: Cut a piece of an old flying line with the length of 10 cm or a little bit more. Tie a figure eight knot to both sides of the line.

5th Element 2005 Y 3.png

4: Now open the red and the grey loops that are still connected to the grey line. Feed the little line through the loops so that you get a loop that will have the blue midline running through.

5th Element 2005 Y 4.png

5: In the next step feed the knots even one loop further and tighten the red and blue loop back.

5th Element 2005 Y 5.png 5th Element 2005 Y 6.png

Now you have the big advantage that if after a lot of use the loop will tear you can still fly your kite back to the beach and easily go over all the steps and make a new loop connection.