5th Element 2006

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Brand: North


  • 43/52



Bar Manual PDF

Bar Manual PDF

Iron Heart Manual PDF

Iron Heart Manual PDF

Iron Heart Warning PDF

Iron Heart Warning PDF




Trim Tips

When we started to design our new quick release Iron Heart we were working with our harness hooks and also checked several others. Unfortunately we didn´t realise that there were hooks on the market, which are bent so strong, that a save release is not warranted.

So please be aware and warn your customers about the following possible problems:

Iron Heart Release Problem 1

Iron Heart 2006 2.png

The problem that now can occur and happen is that after releasing the Iron Heart the ring of the chickenloop get snagged on the very narrow hook. Therefore the bar does not fly away and the kite will not flair out.

So before using your Iron Heart make sure you check if your harness hook is fully working with the Iron Heart.

A solution to this problem is to go ahead and bend the hook more open in order to make your hook work with the Iron Heart or just exchange and buy a new spreaderbar that will work 100 % safe with the Iron Heart to your full safety.


Iron Heart 2006 3.png

Iron Heart 2006 4.png

As well we have already made a change to our specification in the production and the new bars leaving our bar productions will already be equipped with a new ring that should fit through all harnesses that are on the market at this point. Also a new spare part of just the chickenloop will be produced and send out to you dealers beginning of next year for exchanges. As this takes time to arrive with you we would like to ask you to really communicate about this topic and make sure everybody is aware of it.

Iron Heart Release Problem 2

Iron Heart 2006 1.png

There is also another problem that users should be aware of. To not mix a fixed chickendig attached at the spreader bar with a use of the Iron Heart as it will change the way the chicken loop opens and can also cause a snagging problem. The Iron Heart is distributed with the chickendig from above and it works great with it. Why mixing up with other products and make it unsafe. Please make sure to communicate these issues in the right way and if you have any comments or problems do not hesitate to contact us back. Sorry for the inconveniences this might cause but we would like to keep our sport safe.