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Brand: Nobile


  • 126x38
  • 129x39
  • 132x41
  • 135x44


The 666 range represents the highest level of performance kiteboard from Nobile.

These boards are designed to be pushed to their limits by riders of all levels from intermediate to Pro. Fast planning, incredible upwind performance, maximum grip and extreme POP are all characteristics of this range and are apparent in all water conditions from absolute glass through to vicious chop.

For 2007 we have introduced to the range our Hydrodynamic Rocker Line and a new three-step deck mold. The Hydrodynamic rocker gives the board an unparalleled drag free feeling performing in light winds and strong with the only limit to your speed and moves being you. The new rocker line has also allowed us to reduce the amount of spray caused by the board and increase it’s ease of use allowing you to access it’s potential effortlessly. Still present are our innovative tip rocker profilers designed to further eliminate spray from your eyes in choppy riding conditions.

2007 sees the expansion of the 666 line to incorporate a new size of 135 x 44. Without the benefits of the Hydrodynamic rocker this size board would be relegated to light wind use only but now for the first time it’s possible to have a wide board that has plenty of control in high winds and more POP than you’ll know what to do with. When testing these boards I suggest you try at least one size bigger than you’d normally ride as the benefits of a larger board are well balanced with the outstanding control the 2007 666 range displays.



666 Board 2007 1.png

666 Board 2007 2.png

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