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Brand: Nobile


  • 139x46 (XL)
  • 139x48 (XXL)


Making a board plane in light winds is a comparatively easy job. Making a board plane super early and still be comfortable to ride in powered up conditions and choppy water is something much harder! The elements that ensure early planning in a board (flat rocker and parallel outline) work to make the board less and less controllable (and less and less fun to ride!) as the wind increases.

We have applied our extensive experiences with Flex and the control of it to bring you these light wind weapons. Boards that will plane and ride upwind in conditions previously reserved for lightweights yet still retain performance and flexibility when the conditions improve.

The adaptive flex and all round performance of the EXT boards also make them the perfect choice for heavier riders looking for a real board in a bigger size.

Range Extending Adaptive Flex

Our unique three stage adaptive flex technology allows us to use a flatter rocker on this board than would have been previously possible. The flatter rocker delivers earlier planning but is traditionally equated with lack of control, however by building very carefully defined adaptive flex areas into the board, the rocker can change to suit the wind and water conditions and the rider's demands, the harder you push the more flex areas of the boards you will engage increasing the effective rocker profile and thus improving control.



Nobile Accessories 2006 1.png

A complete foot bed solution for riders of all styles and all feet shapes and sizes. Designed for comfort and grip, the Nobile footpad supports your feet in all the right places thanks to it's 3-D contouring. Whether you are looking for soft landings from radical kite loops or easy entry and exit for board off's this pad is designed to keep your foot safe, secure and in the right place! Built on an ABS plate for easy adjustment and "no glue" fixing, the triple density foam provides just the right balance cushion whilst maintaining a sure grip. The thin anti slip rubber placed around the strap screw holes ensures the foot strap cannot twist and stays exactly where you want it.

Foot Straps

Nobile Accessories 2006 2.png

Not just another generic foot strap with company logo sewn on, this strap has been developed, by us, from scratch. Nobile is the only company to produce our patented easy montage foot strap. By designing into the strap two completely separate, interlocking pieces we have created a system that enables you to lay the pieces flat to the board without unscrewing them! This makes the strap incredibly easy to mount on the board and removes the need of unscrewing them when traveling. A simple feature that the traveling Kite boarder will wonder how they ever managed to do without! Triple screw holes on each end of the strap allow it to be fine tuned for riders of all foot sizes.


Nobile Accessories 2006 3.png

Built in high quality G-10 material and shaped by CNC milling machines. The computer controlled manufacture ensures that every fin is an exact match to the original design specifications. The "flat top" design produces unparalleled levels of grip for it's size and is combined with a narrow profile for reduced drag and improved upwind ability. The fins are finished in high visibility orange to attract your sight when searching for the board in the water and minimize the chance of board loss. Available in sizes 45mm and 55mm (1.8 inch and 2.2 inch).

Grab Handle

Nobile Accessories 2006 4.png

A high level of rigidity and textured grip covering provide the easiest to use grab handle available.

Board Covers

Nobile Accessories 2006 5.png

Lightweight board covers designed to protect your ride whilst not in action. Tough enough to prevent all the dings and scratches your board has to endure during transportation. Featuring double strength carry handles, heat reflecting foil covering and internal protection of your board from the zipper. (Board cover comes as standard with all Nobile Pro boards).

Rocker Profilers

Nobile Accessories 2006 6.png

Freeride or freestyle? You decide but now you don't have to change your board! Through extended testing we have developed unique rocker profilers that fit under the fin and change the tip rocker of the board radically changing it's riding characteristics. Want to ride hard and fast? Leave the profilers out for maximum grip and pop. Prefer to have a more all round board requiring less commitment and much smoother carving? Simply insert the profilers under the fins and you will be amazed at the difference in your ride.



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