Air XD 2007

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Brand: Takoon


  • 8.0
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More turning ability and Xtra depower on demand for the new AirXD!

Equipped with the new XDbar which increases the Air’s turning ability and offers more autonomy, this kite is going to be the ‘high-performance’ kite of the year.

The new XDbar winder allows to transfer traction from the lines straight on the bar and to increase turning ability. The AIR kite features faster turning ! Also this new winder offers 2 bar sizes in 1: 47 or 55cm. Regarding the kite size you ride switch from 47 to 55cm easily.

The new Xtra depower allows to depower the kite while you are riding, by pushing the bar into the ball. This simple and clean system activates the fifth line and returns naturally to its initial point. The bar feeling remains the same and the Air wind range becomes wider.

Thanks to its innovative profile, the AIR equipped with the new XD bar is bringing solutions to modern freestyle. Kite loops, unhooked riding; the program is clear: all radical moves are now within your reach! Light in bar, stable and manoeuvrable, that is the new school kite. No worries, the hang-time addicted will still be happy with its power capabilities.


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