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Brand: Airush


  • 110x34.5



Developed specifically by the Airush’s youth brigade and 12-Year-old KPWT world Champion Gisela, the Airforce defines performance for younger riders through the use of a unique combination of size, rocker, and flex characteristics. All aspects such as footstrap spacing, strap positioning, and fins have been optimized.

Gisela explains some secrets of the shape: “The plan shape is perfect for aerial tricks and surface passes. The fins remain quite small so that the board can pivot easily. The foot straps are centered and symmetrical so I can put the board on easily and are in a very useful position for no-foot tricks.”


  • Youth under 110 lbs, who want a dedicated performance product for freeride and freestyle will love this board.
  • Developed by KPWT world Champion Gisela Pulido.



Rails: Square ABS rail for durability and a fast clean water release.

Rocker: 3 stage “competition” rocker for speed and early planning

Flex: Stiffer Center section with Flex tips

Bottom shape: Flat bottom for ease of use in freestyle and transitions.

Overall Planform: A relatively parallel outline with intermediate width tips offers a good combination of edging, stability at speed and pop.

Fins: The metro fin Series offer increased grip, with reduced drag through the refined foils shape and reduced chord.


X-Link ABS ConstructionOur unique X-Link ABS Construction combines the perfect flex and strength characteristics of our X-Link PVC core, with a virtually indestructible ABS rail. The ABS section is inset into the laminate and forms a “grindable” rail that can withstand a significant amount more abuse than a wrapped rail construction. This construction uses a combination of unidirectional and biaxial cloth together with asymmetrical wood reinforcing in the high impact heel area. A top sheet layer on the bottom enhances the durability without limiting the flex characteristics.

2007 Airforce Construction.jpg


At Airush our passion for building the ultimate kiteboard verges on religious fanaticism. Central to our design process is shape technology. By prototyping and testing among our design centers in Australia, Hawaii, and the UK, we focus on developing technology that will suit various riding styles and accommodate diverse conditions around the world. As kiteboarding diversifies, Airush has focused on developing various core, rail, and laminate technologies to ensure the best strength-to-weight ratio in each product and to offer the highest level of shape-enhancing performance. New developments on high volume boards, such as the Flytech Construction, ensure that we can offer reduced weight in the Converse series. In lower volume products such as the Protoy, where massive amounts of flex and damage tolerance are required, we have developed the definitive spinal core. In its second year, our unique Biotech vertical-wood sandwich has proven itself as a benchmark for durability and smooth responsiveness.

Core Technology & Construction Technology

Kiteboards are exposed to a complex matrix of forces that place significant load on the laminates and cores. Through ongoing development we have optimized the strength, durability, and flex response to meet the demands of each rider group. Too much board flex is not always a good thing. Riders who are heavier or ride more overpowered would generally prefer a slightly stiffer board. Riders who are lighter or prefer to ride with slightly less power would normally prefer a slightly more flexible board.



2007 Airforce.jpg

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