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Taiwan: Anti-G, LTD, Suite #2, 10th Floor, No. 6 Min-Xiang Street, San-Min District, Kaohsiung, Zip Code 80770

Tel: +886-7-3804522 Fax: +886-7-3804522


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Anti-G (Anti-Gravity) is a kiteboards company established in Taiwan. We are committed to the research and development of high quality kiteboards for customers by utilizing cutting-edge technology and advanced facilities.

All of our kiteboards are made in Taiwan to ensure quality and your satisfaction. Based on the high quality, professional, and practical design, we aim to become a major company in the global market of kiteboards.

In an effort to improve kitesurfing equipment, kitesufers’ abilities and weight and the abilities of beginner, advanced rider are all taken into consideration.

Also, considering your riding in waves, flat water, or light wind, and radical tricks, we design a series of high performance kiteboards which are hydrodynamics-based and feature its strength, durability, flexibility and buoyant force and light weight.

Every prototype of board has been rigorously tested by us to ensure the best quality and your satisfaction.

Anti-G has an experienced and professional team focusing on design, manufacturing, testing, and marketing. Our goal is to achieve total customer satisfaction and manufacture a one-of-a-kind kiteboard for you.