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Brand: Anti-G


  • 130x36
  • 130x39
  • 135x39
  • 140x42


Anti-G kiteboards are manufactured with the advanced techniques by one of the best factories in Taiwan.

Cutting edge techniques are utilized to manufacture and reduce the weight of the kiteboard. To assure the high performance and smooth ride, every prototype of kiteboard is tested by professional riders in all water conditions.

Anti-G kiteboard features its smooth outline, light-weight, and flexibility. The high quality and durability of the kiteboard can sufficiently stand the test of all conditions.

To make kitesurfers have a board to suit their skill level, Anti-G have 4 models of kiteboards for selection. Among them are the boards for beginner, heavy-weight rider, and the rider enjoying big waves or high jump.

Kitesurfers can have your design or picture printed on the board to express your idea and show your personality. Most importantly, it is the one-of-a-kind and unique kiteboard.


Give us the graphic that you design. We will make an exclusive kiteboard for you.

If you have a graphic that you design, we can create a one-of-a-kind kiteboard for you. Our production facilities will ensure the customer satisfaction. Or if you willing to pay an extra exclusive design fee US$50. Our shop designer will design the special graphic just for you.

We provide many different styles of graphic to you. Select a graphic from our gallery, and tell us the text that you hope to print on the kiteboard. You can have an exclusive kiteboard in 22 days.

Structure and Material

Anti-G Kiteboard 2008 1.png

1. The top and bottom of the kiteboard are made of PBT manufactured by DuPont™. Among the many features of Crastin® PBT are mechanical and physical properties of stiffness and toughness, heat resistance, friction and wear resistance, excellent surface finishes, etc.

2. The second layer is made of CYMAX fiberglass. CYMAX fiberglass features its light weight, high strength and high impact resistance.

3. The third layer is made of reinforcement fiberglass.

4. The fourth layer is dark brown wood core and light brown Airex core. Airex features its light weight and high strength, which is usually applied to the bottom of yacht.

5. All nuts and screws are made of M6 stainless steel.

6. The fringe of the kiteboard is made of ABS resin. The ABS resin features its high impact strength to prevent the fringe from being deformed or damaged under the impact.

7. The fifth layer of kiteboard is made of CYMAX fiberglass, which is same as the second layer.

8. The material of top and bottom of the board is the same, which is wear-resisting and scratch-resisting PBT.



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