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Brand: Flexifoil


  • 7.0
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The new Atom08 has been designed to be comfortable and fun to ride - whatever the weather conditions. The Atom08 design and hybrid shape delivers rock-solid stability, huge depower and predictable, responsive handling.

The overall stability and usable wind range has been improved through detailed refinement of the aerodynamic elements of each size of the Atom08.

The original Atom kite gained a reputation for superb build quality and high performance. The new Atom continues to build on these ideals.

The Atom08 has excellent stability, is well behaved and very predictable. It will never drop out of the sky unexpectedly and is intuitive to fly under control throughout its wind range.

If you like going big then the control offered with the Atom08 lets you go HUGE. Within its normal wind range, sending the kite results in big jumps with great float.

The Atom08 hybrid design provides the rider with a progressive,predictable feel throughout the whole turn. The feedback you feel through the bar means that you know exactly where the kite is at anytime. You can sense what the kite is doing and therefore concentrate on your riding and not the kite.

The Atom's turning speed has been improved upon from the original Atom. By moving the attachment point towards the wingtip of the kite, the turn speed has been increased, providing more reactive control.

The new Atom won’t pull you off the wave and the improved profile makes it very difficult to stall. It drives through the turn keeping you powered and ahead of the white water.

The Atom08 is an excellent all-rounder straight ‘out of the bag’, with no tuning required. Colour-coded lines and attachment points make the process of attaching your kite to the control bar very straight forward.

The ‘Single-Point Inflation System’ provides you with a quick and hassle free inflation of your kite even on the most windswept beaches.



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