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Brand: Flexifoil



The Atom08 is available with the new ‘All in One’ bar. It’s been designed to be easy to use for any level of rider, to have great durability and full adjustability meaning that as your riding style progresses you can adapt the setup on the bar. The bar is available with a full range of accessories so that you can customize the bar to suit your riding style as your kitesurfing skills progress.

Main Features

Proven single release system

The simplest yet most effective safety release system on the market.


The ‘All in One’ bar is compatible with all our legacy hybrid-style water kites (Atom, Ion, Ion2 and Atom08) as well as planned future 2008 Flexifoil hybrid kites.

Bar ergonomics

The grip on the new bar has been made much softer and easier on the hands. Ergonomic bar ends provide a solid connection point at the end of the bar to improve the overall feedback from the kite whilst turning.

Easy adjustability of centre line length

The bar is fitted with a simple system enabling you to adjust the length of your centre line. We have clearly labelled the centre line and on the leader lines, enabling you to know exactly where you need to attach your lines when altering the centre line length.

Centre line

Through prolonged use, all centre lines wear. We have worked hard to make sure that our centerline is one of the best available on the market.

Centre line wear indicator

The centre line has a red-coloured secondary internal line which indicates the amount of wear. When the outer Dyneema® line fails due to wear the inner red line becomes visible. This internal line has enough strength to enable you to comfortably make it back to the beach even if you are a long way out.

To view the full features of the 'All in One' bar and to fins out more download the full Atom08 press release available here

The bar comes complete with Flexifoil high quality 250kg/550lb & 250kg/550lb x 20m (plus 5m) flying lines. (Product code 62937), meaning that you can choose to fly on either 20m or 25m lines.



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