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Brand: Flexifoil


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The Atom bar is aimed at kitesurfers who want an easy to use bar without sacrificing either performance or the ability to do the latest tricks.

Flexifoil use an integrated approach to the design of the kite and bar and strive to keep the number of moving parts to a minimum whilst still retaining functionality. This means there is a lot less to tangle, less parts to wear and more importantly less equipment to get in the way when relaunching, making it really safe.

The Atom bar can be retro fitted on to the Ion Bar.

The bar has an adaptable safety leash with two simple set up options and it’s easy to change between these two options.

The Atom bar also benefits from:

  • Unrivalled grip from the custom thermoformed Eva foam
  • Direct comfortable feel from the solid, dual-density, ergonomic bar ends
  • The simplest yet most effective safety release system on the market
  • Custom stainless steel ball bearing swivel to keep the front lines tangle free
  • Customisable set up to suit all riding styles provided by the inherently adjustable design of the bar and the full range of available accessories

Safety System Setup Option A

The leash can be clipped between the landing handle and chicken loop for a fully spinning system. Activating this system completely disables the kite and is the safest system to use when on the land.

Safety System Setup Option B

The leash can be clipped between the rider’s harness and a green ‘safety’ line that runs through the centre hole in the bar. This system is great for unhooked tricks, as when you let go of the bar it activates the system allowing the kite to fully depower and fly to the edge of the window, ready to be relaunched. The simple relaunch enables the rider to spend more time practising their tricks rather than relaunching their kite.



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