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Baggage Allowance

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Excess Baggage

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Sports Equipment

The following items are considered as freely allowed luggage both, in domestic flights, and in international flights: Golf Equipment, Fishing Equipment, Diving Equipment, Bicycles; in case there is excess weight, it shall be collected in accordance with the rate established for the route.

Surfing Tables and Windsurfing Equipment in international flights are excluded from the determination of allowed free luggage; they are accepted as luggage subject to a USD75 charge per bag, except in the routes Brazil – Panama – Brazil and Panama – Brazil – Panama where USD40 charge per bag is applicable.

Up to 3 Surfing tables are accepted as a maximum per bag. The Windsurfing Equipment must be comprised of a table, a mast, and a “boom”.

The sports equipment must be packed and the bicycles disassembled and in boxes.




Avianca Baggage Policy