Axis 2 Control Bar 2007

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Brand: Flexifoil


  • 48
  • 54


The Axis2 bar has evolved to fully exploit the Fusion2’s full potential.

With super light steering and responsive feedback the Fusion2 feels more connected than ever before.

The bar features new durable parts which includes a centre line that actually tells you when you need to change it. The on-the-fly adjustable 5th line is as an optional extra to increase your kites wind range and give more vertical lift and of course aid safety and relaunch. The bar also includes the new V-CORE centre line hole reduces line wear but does not reduce your feeling of where the kite is in the sky.

All parts are fully interchangeable with the original Axis bar so customising your bar is no problem and It can be used in conjunction with any 4 or 5 line conventional 'C-shaped' kite.

The Axis2 (Fusion2) Bar is available in two different lengths 48cm & 54cm

It is sold complete with Flexifoil colour coded 4-flying lines. (20 + 5m - 250kg (500lb) / 250kg (500lb)



Axis 2 Control Bar 2008 1.jpeg



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