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Brand: Windwing


  • 45
  • 50
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The B-Safe Basic bar is the most cost efficient and lightweight way to get going with the Windwing SAFE system. Available in 3 sizes: 45cm, 50cm, and 56cm, the bar is simple and clean in design, and features a tapered composite bar with raised EVA grip. The center set-screw allows sheet line resistance to be adjusted and allows extended sheeting range. The C-loop assembly features a Delrin collar for a spinning leash, a handle-pass ring, Clam-Cleat-style adjustable sheeting cleat with set-screw stop, and poly-vinyl line protectors.

All bars puchased with lines come with 23m 4-color flying lines already installed. Replacement line sets are available in 20m, 23m, and 26m lengths. Bars purchased "bar only w/rigging" come as pictured (left) with leaders, c-loop assembly, sheet cleat and leash.

All Windwing Kitebars come with 23m 4-color flying lines already installed on the bar when purchased with lines. Windwing flying lines are made from pre-stretched Spectra cord with Dyneema sleeving and are tension rated to 600lbs (270kg) per line. Color coding gives contrast for better visibility on water and snow and reduces possibility of cross-connection. Sewn loop-sleeve sections are coated in heat-shrink clear tubing for easier de-tangling, and loops also have extra stitching at the top and bottom for added strength and durability.


Bar Manual PDF

[ Bar Manual PDF]

Bar Features PDF

Bar Features 2008

Leash Loop PDF

Leash Loop PDF


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