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A 360 back rotation landing into switch.

How To


  • Doing it unhooked, it can be easier because you can fully extend the leading-landing hand and get your body in a position to hit the water with a solid toe edge.
  • If you try the trick with more of a wakestyle pop approach rather than with the kite at 12 it has less chance of flying on the opposite side of the window or hauling you through the power zone. The advantages of this approach are when you throw the backroll part of the the trick the power kind of unwinds you body leaving it fairly flat and looking at the water in a sort of railey position (don't be scared!!), now what you should do, if you haven't' already, is let go with your front hand and throw it back upwind-at the same time pulling with your back hand this gives enough leverage to swing the board to a toeside position. Just remember commit to this bit and land very crouched (widen your stance), now ride away and be careful not to trip over the chop!
  • You can do this hooked or unhooked but to be honest you are better off learning it unhooked, as you have the option to throw the bar if anything goes wrong but it still looks rad when done hooked in, and also learning this unhooked is good for progression and it leads to F-16's, Mobes etc.
  • Speed and power are going to help you through this!



Will James How To Video

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