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Riding backside and doing a turn on top of the wave.

How To

1. When setting up for this turn you want to have as much controlled speed as possible, at this stage I have already positioned my feet in the sweet spot on my board unhooked and started to hit the lip I eyed off by looking over my leading shoulder during my bottom turn. (Remember the amount of back foot pressure is directly related to how tight the turn is you want to do)

2. In this shot I have reached the pinnacle of my turn and changed my upwards direction to start heading back down, so I have exchanged all my back foot pressure to the center of my board by lowing my center of gravity.

3. Here I’m still going through the mid way point of the turn and just focusing on staying centered over my board preparing to move all my weight forward to head back down the wave. If you don't you will stall and fall out the back of the wave.

4. Now I’m distributing all my weight to my front foot to head back down the wave and execute the turn.

5. As you head back down the wave flatten out the board to avoid nose-diving and keep your knees bent to absorb the drop. Remember keep your kite down low and forward to help so you don't ride underneath it.


  • The most important thing about doing any turn is kite position – you need to be doing the turn while you have no power or pull in the kite, so it’s all about having the kite set up in the optimal position before you do the turn. The best way to do this is by keeping your kite low and moving in the same direction as you with subtle adjustments while visualizing and anticipating your turns well before doing them.


Ben Wilson

Backside Top Turn Ben Wilson 1 1.jpg

Backside Top Turn Ben Wilson 1 2.jpg

Backside Top Turn Ben Wilson 1 3.jpg

Backside Top Turn Ben Wilson 1 4.jpg

Backside Top Turn Ben Wilson 1 5.jpg

Backside Top Turn Ben Wilson 1 6.jpg

Backside Top Turn Ben Wilson 1 7.jpg


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