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Brand: Windwing


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Our latest innovation, Batwing 008, was crafted for light winds, This revolutionary kite displays many high-tech evolutions and redefines performance, safety and simplicity in a convoluted marketplace. Your thrill-level and aeronautic capabilities will have some serious mojo behind them.

In our quest for flight, Batwing 008 is the most avant garde flying machines we have built, Da Vinci had the basic format and we improved upon it ...

Form Follows Function and Batwing's virtuosity is evident when one looks skyward.

1) Foremost on the Batwing is the use of Windwing's new ABS Kevlar and carbon Aramid fiber scrim material that scallops the trailing edges of the kite and it's wingtips. The shape of the scallops provides the Batwing with its dynamic appearance, which is the result of a specific functional innovation. How could we not call it "Batwing" ????

The functional innovation of the scalloped Batwing material evolved from the simple conclusion that different materials have different frequencies of vibration. In theory, as the kite moves through the air, the difference between the soft spinnaker cloth and the stiffer laminate material acts like dimples against a polished golf ball. The strategically placed and shaped trailing edge on the Batwing, provides a stable rigid surface to recapture the laminar airflow for smoother wake release. The result is a livelier "slippery" kite that flies faster, goes up -wind better, generating more lift in less wind while holding shape where (and when) it counts. The Batwing flies forward, backward, upward, downward and enjoys all of the characteristics of the Caped Crusader. With incredible de-power and precision control, free parking anywhere in the wind-window can be found with easy self-launch and self-land options at minimal risk.

2) Swallow Tail: The cutout notch at the center strut is designed to give the Batwing a high- aspect feel with low -aspect power. The swallow- tail separates the kite in half and changes the load -point away from the trailing edge. This stabilizes the kite, as the notch creates unique, dynamic aileron-like protrusions that allows flow and twist at the center of the kite and gives the Batwing a self-adjusting reflex capability in all conditions.The design process of our pioneering Swallowtail technology has evolved to a larger cutout on larger kites which makes for some serious skywriting.

3) Bob Batten: (Windwing's unique wingtip, which is found on the larger Batwing sizes). We baptized this innovation formally as the "Bob Batten"(complete with holy water). Inspired by Boardingbob's idea of having a venetian blind-like substrate to serve as built- in battens,this added rigidity not only helps prevent deformation for heavier riders, it gives the wingtip a direct-drive leverage to turn the kite. In larger kites and in lighter winds, this efficiency is absolutely crucial. No biffs.

4) Multi-Inflation-System with a Clamp (MISC): will greatly improve the quality and safety of your kiting experience. These optional inflation systems can be quickly installed or removed from the Batwing. The new clamp allows the tube to be pinched, isolating each bladder, preventing total deflation of the kite.

These four key innovations make the Batwing the safest, most technically advanced performance driven kite in the world .


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