Beach Kite Launch Procedure

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How To

1. Place board so you can easily get it on your way to the water.

2. Pick up your own kite Watching out that the sand you put on it doesn't blow into someone's eyes. Better to gently grasp the canopy and let the sand fall off the front rather than flipping the kite with all the sand still on it.

3. Clean off the sand if applicable (ever heard of de-icing?)

4. Straighten your bridals if you have any.

5. Signal for some help. But not someone who is in the middle of attaching their lines.

6. Give Launcher your clean kite and exchange greeting.

7. Quickly move to your bar.

8. Quickly move to correct position so Launcher doesn't need to move - if space allows.

9. Tension lines and check for proper attachment and absence of tangles. Check that bar is parallel to kite tips. Launcher please be vigilant as well.

10. Signal for launch: arm/thumb up

11. Launcher make sure the is canopy is tight, and it is not flapping.

12. Launcher wait until airspace is clear and release

13. Steer the kite up slowly

14. Rider thank Launcher. Launcher wish rider a fun session.


  • Make sure to get help from someone who knows how to launch a kite. Do ask before!



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