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Brand: Blade


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Specifically designed for riders who are searching for an extra power boost in their kite, the Beast 2008 maintains the features that won last season's model international recognition with an improved design for an even more outstanding riding experience. With a technologically advanced profile, the Beast 2008 provides riders with the power of a larger kite and the quick turns displayed in smaller kites. Riders are able to achieve massive airtime during jumps while maintaining continuous stability – a feature that will especially impress our freestyle riders. The Beast 2008's intense power is efficiently harnessed thanks to the reduced bar pressure and massive DePower – allowing for longer sessions.

The Beast 2008 now features additional construction details to make it even tougher than ever before. A key addition includes Blade's unique Double Rip Stop Layer concentrated on the most delicate areas of the kite. This extraordinary protection material aids the kite in surviving abrasive conditions and inadvertent poundings.

Guided by the philosophy of keeping the rider's needs in mind, the Blade Team created the Beast 2008 to meet the performance expectations for beginner and intermediate riders with the resilience and adaptability necessary for all riding styles and conditions.


Excelling in virtually all aspects of kiting, the versatility of the Beast 2008 makes it an unbeatable choice for diverse wind conditions and varied riding styles for beginner and intermediate kiting levels.

Strong Profile

The specially designed profile of the Beast 2008 results in intense power with precise and technical performance, an exceptional combination that will excite riders and enhance every riding session.

DRS Layer

The Beast 2008 is one of the most durable kites available on the market due to the distinctive Double Rip Stop layer applied to the struts – an essential feature for riders of all levels.

Stable Bridle System

Blade's exclusive bridle technology retains the direct bar experience evident in a C-Kite while providing the extreme DePower capabilities characteristic in the latest bow kites.

Leading Edge Structure

Extensive research has proved that the smooth SLE curve formation established in the Beast 2008 is the fundamental design for an aerodynamic kite with massive DePower. The uniform tension placed on the entire LE prevents the flapping evident in unusual kite outlines.

MAD System

The advanced inflation distribution system can be converted in seconds from a multiple to a single valve arrangement.


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