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Beginners or "Newbees" should always keep a big distance to anyone else.

Don't get in the way of experienced riders, just stay clearly away.

Don't ride in the best parts of an area, specially where good riders are jumping or riding waves. Normally beginners cannot appreciate the excellent conditions to train tricks, once they are up to that level. But they can spoil a good session of good riders.

A kite can get quickly out of control, and no one wants to get hurt, so always make sure you keep the according distance.

Good riders will also not give right of way, since they fear riding downwind of a beginner, to get a kite dropped on their head. Always keep this in mind when you come into a situation like this. If you are not sure what to do as a beginner, simply stop, fly your kite high and wait until you have space again.

A beginner should never try to ride more upwind when facing a good rider, just to keep their rights of way, just give it to the better rider, and you will prevent accidents.

Experienced riders should not ride or jump too close to beginners, since they don't know that experienced riders have a pretty good kite control.

In general, beginners should choose different riding areas or parts of a spot to keep distance to good riders, even if they occupy the better conditions, since many riders can be riding well in a small area, but once one beginner enters it, it has only space for few riders.